Setup New Email Account

  • All new Galena Park I.S.D. professionals (and most paraprofessionals) receive a new email address during the hiring process. Some employees, especially those hired during the summer break, may not immediately know when their email address has been created by the GPISD technology department.

    The MyNewEmail service allows you to use the email address you used when you applied for your job to set up your new email account with Galena Park I.S.D.

    To use this service, you must have applied for your position with GPISD using our online application system.

    Here's how it works:

    The online application you submitted with GPISD contained your personal (or previous employer's) email address and your social security number.

    This service uses your social security number to look up your application, then sends your new Galena Park email information to the email address you used when you submitted your application. To begin, follow this link to retrieve your information.